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We are a consultation service that specializes in selecting, sourcing and procuring East Asian language materials for libraries



Books on Demand

Make your own selections.
Pro: order what you want when you want them. 


Monthly Subscriptions

One-stop shopping to grow your collections. Our team selects the books based on our up-to-date knowledge of current best-sellers, social trends and reader feedback. Subscription amount is flexible depending on your library needs.

Pro: easily monitor your budget.

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Our expert purchaser travels the world (or the world of the internet) to find your books. Our secret to keeping the cost friendly? We have established, world-wide suppliers, and we don’t stock inventory, so you never pay storage fees for unsold books. 

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Buying books is fun, but getting the books from the other side of the world to your library?
Not so much. No worries, we have you covered! Our quote per order/subscription always includes shipping*. 

*Quote includes shipping to BCCLS main office located in
Fair Lawn, NJ. Delivery to library available for an additional fee. 

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About us

Introducing a new way to expand your library collections

Through previous experience buying world language materials for libraries, we learned the source for such items was limited, outdated and inefficient. We thought, “There must be a better way.” 


We offer that better way.


We help provide libraries with fresh and current Chinese language books and magazines, cheaper and faster than other vendors.

Books on demand: tell us your selections, we take care of the sourcing and logistics for you.


Subscription service: pay a fixed amount per month, and we curate the collections and deliver them right to your library. 


Marketing support: complimentary bookmarks and posters customized with your library branding.

Outreach support: we connect you with prospective library patrons via book fairs and social media.


We look forward to helping you grow and improve your world language collections.

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Contact us today to discuss how we can improve the East Asian Collections at your libraries. 


229 Godwin Avenue,
Midland Park, NJ 07432

East Asian Collections for Libraries is a registered
trade name of Bon Lapin LLC.